Open Enrollment Programmes for Your Professional Development

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May 2017

Wed 10
The production and disbursement of poorly written documents can produce unintended results and have potentially disastrous consequences for a business, including the miscommunication of important requests and ideas and the fragmentation of important business relationships.
Thu 11
The confidence you gain through consistent practice far outweighs the fear of doing the activity. Your status among colleagues, other managers, and the community grows allowing opportunities to come to you.
Mon 29
This two day programme is therefore designed to help new managers build their capacity in functioning successfully in their new role. In addition, it will provide a guide for individuals who are preparing themselves to enter that role in the near future.

June 2017

Mon 26
Advanced risk management capabilities which incorporate both financial and operational risk will assist firms in developing a robust risk management policy that will allow the firm to not only identify relevant enterprise risks but also to take calculated risk while capitalizing on market opportunities.