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Advanced Business Writing

Communicating effectively, with clarity and precision is an art. It separates you from the pack and enables you to achieve your goals. The confidence you gain through consistent practice far outweighs the fear of doing the activity. Your status among colleagues, other managers, and the community grows allowing opportunities to come to you. 

Organisations are seeking to ensure that their business professionals are conversant with the many facets of communication and document preparation, which will ensure that their products and services reach the target markets. Therefore, being able to write effectively allows you to properly convey ideas and concepts. 

This programme outlines a comprehensive initiative that will allow participants to build capacity in the area of business communication in written (reports, letters, email, memos, etc.) and verbal (presentations to management and clients) forms.



 The Role of Communication in Business

  • Verbal and Non – Verbal
  • Written
  • Internal and External Communication
  • Elements of Business and Communication
  • Writing for the audience and different writing styles
  • Preparing to write and customised writing
  • Writing Reports
  • Effective proof-reading



This programme is designed to offer participants an interactive two (2) days to network, share ideas, and learn effective techniques for communicating effectively in the business environment. 

As part of this methodology, the facilitator will utilize various techniques including: scenarios, practical application sessions and exercises to ensure a thorough demonstration of the concepts being shared.



 This programme is targeted to individuals who want to improve their communication and business writing skills.



The Cave Hill School of Business (CHSB)

Conference and Training Facility

CARICOM Research Park, Cave Hill

April 7 - 8, 2017

9:00 AM – 4:30 PM



The cost of BDS$600.00/ USD$300.00 per person is payable prior to the start of the workshop.The fee covers the cost of unlimited access to programme materials as well as catered break and lunch.



A responsible and creative teacher of fifteen years experience in classroom instruction and management, lesson planning and curriculum development, Carolyn has a passion for helping students develop lifelong language skills and effective communication techniques. She is committed to a progressive, nurturing yet disciplined philosophy of education that engenders well-rounded, self-possessed and intellectually inquisitive students.

She is currently an instructor in both technical and academic writing in the Faculty of Humanities and Education at UWI, where she also contributes to curriculum restructuring and building, and setting and grading exams for proficiency testing.

She has taught at the secondary, community college and university level, in Barbados and in the US, and has provided private training for students with learning difficulties, for home-schooling and for professionals looking to improve their skills.

In addition to a long career in teaching across a variety of levels, Carolyn has worked in publishing as a commissioning editor; in journalism as an editorial assistant and reporter; as a free-lance technical writer; and as a volunteer researcher developing and maintaining web content and press kits for a direct services provider.

Carolyn holds a Master of Arts in Literatures in English, a Bachelor’s degree with First Class Honours, and has formally trained in teaching writing as part of an award-winning programme using minimalist tutoring pedagogy.

Growing up in a small family business, she understood the importance of efficient and effective communication at an early age. Even while pursuing various opportunities in teaching and publishing, she has consistently contributed to independent writing and editing projects, such as creating help manuals for software applications and researching and writing reports. Most recently, she was a facilitator for a workshop on Public Service Communication led by the National Training Division.