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Business Writing

While writing is a crucial method of communication for most people today, it remains an area that many individuals have difficulty mastering.  It can improve an individual’s career prospects and increase their ability to advance within an organization. In the world of business, the ability to produce effectively written documents is an especially critical and highly sought after skill as written materials must consistently communicate vital information and reflect the professional image and intent of an organization. Both public and private organizations require employees who are proficient in business writing for countless internal and external business transactions, including, but not limited to agendas, social media, emails, business letters, proposals, memos and business reports. 


It is critical that individuals within a company are able to clearly and concisely use the written word to articulate their thoughts and requests, produce compelling company documentation, and create written documents which can persuade and inspire, while building internal and external client relationships. Effective business writers must understand the audience they are writing to and adjust to the most appropriate tone and language accordingly, gain and keep the reader’s attention and avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes.

 The production and disbursement of poorly written documents can produce unintended results and have potentially disastrous consequences for a business, including the miscommunication of important requests and ideas and the fragmentation of important business relationships. 

This two day course will provide participants with a basic writing refresher on grammar, punctuation, tone, sentence structure and templates for letters and reports.



 The workshop will cover four areas crucial to developing sound business writing skills:

1. Effective use of the writing process

  • Audience, occasion and purpose
  • Time management
  • Data collection
  • Editing and revision

 2. Developing useful content

  • Assessing relevance
  • Determining need
  • Writing strategically

 3. Successful organisation and structure (for email, correspondence, reports and presentations)

  • Format and layout
  • Order of ideas
  • Document design

4. Improving expression

  • Clarity, precision and conciseness in style
  • Appropriate and effective tone and word choice
  • Awareness and use of mechanics



This programme is designed to offer participants an interactive two (2) days to network, share ideas, and learn effective techniques for communicating effectively in the business environment. 

As part of this methodology, the facilitator will utilize various techniques including: scenarios, practical application sessions and exercises to ensure a thorough demonstration of the concepts being shared. 



This programme is targeted to any roles which involve communication through writing and individuals who would like to refresh their business writing skills.



VENUE:           Conference and Training Facility, Cave Hill School of Business, Cave Hill, Barbados 

DATES:          March 31 - April 1, 2017 

TIME:              9:00 am – 4:30 pm 


PROGRAMME COST:             BDS$600.00 / US$300.00 

This fee is programme fee is payable prior to the workshop and covers the cost of all programme materials and catered meals (break and lunch) for each day.