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Certificate in Mathematics for Business (CMB)

where math’s makes sense in the real world


What is the Certificate in Mathematics for Business? 

The need for an understanding of mathematical tools is evident in every aspect of business life. Businesses cannot function without all or most of its operatives understanding quantities and finance, when to order stock, how to apply discounts, how to compute wage calculations, how to handle and recognize when profit or loss is made. These elements of business require knowledge of mathematical tools, which account for the different levels of success attained by an organization or the individual or both. The Certificate in Mathematics for Business series is a six-week programme designed to enhance the toolkit of anyone working in a business environment who recognises the need.


Who should register for the Certificate in Mathematics for Business series? 

This Mathematics programme is designed for all interested learners - those who have forgotten the fundamental concepts and need refreshing or those who have always found Mathematics confusing.

This programme has immense benefits for individuals in large and small organisations, one-door shop owners and itinerant business people.

Certificate in Mathematics for Business is the programme where math’s makes sense in the real world.


What is the mode of participation? 

The programme is delivered online in the convenience of each participant’s personal space. The programme is interactive and self-controlled, where the participant has control over individual progress. Each has the option of working on his/her own or in a community where anonymity is possible. The exercises and quizzes are helpful for retention of the lessons taught, with the ability to download material for long term reference. There are also Power Point and podcasts which can be used conveniently by the participants long after the certification is complete. In addition, tutors are available for participants who may require further assistance.


What are the topics covered within the programme?

Business management requires the application of the following areas, which are adequately covered in the six-week certificate programme: 

  •  Algebra – Simplifying Algebraic Expressions
  •  Approximations
  •  Decimals
  •  Describing data
  •  Equations
  •  Exponents and Roots
  •  Factors and Multiples
  •  Fractions
  •  Graphing Equalities and inequalities
  •  Inequalities
  •  Operations with Positive and Negative Integers
  •  Rounding Significant Figures
  •  Solving Word Problems
  •  Symbols
  •  Understanding Numbers


What is the programme cost?

The cost of the Certificate in Mathematics for Business is BDS$800.00/USD$400.00.

Payment can be made by way of debit card, credit card, cheque, wire transfer or cash.


For further information, contact Mrs Francine Smart-Jackson:

Telephone: (246)424-7731

Email address:

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