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Executive Diploma in Management (EDM)

The Executive Diploma in Management (EDM) and the Diploma in Banking and Financial Services (DBFS) contribute to the advancement of many of our graduates. Additionally, they provide a platform for further learning in particular for the CHSB/UWI MBA programmes. When you have successfully completed these programmes, they can be used to meet part of the entry requirements for the MBA programmes. Furthermore, because the UWI is an internationally respected and accredited University, the EDM and DBFS, like all of its other programmes, are accepted throughout the world. 

These programmes focus significantly on developing your individual ability. The EDM provides an introduction to key aspects of general management and an environment where you can learn from the experiences of both academics and managers from other organisations. The DBFS focuses on developing comprehensive banking and financial services practitioners. Its goal is to provide participants with knowledge and skills that can be readily applied to their daily activities to enhance their effectiveness on the job. 

Your employer will also gain direct benefits. Not only do the EDM and DBFS equip you with effective and applicable management skills but also, they encourage you to view your organisation as more than the sum of its parts. You also learn the importance of using this broader vision in formulating effective management decisions. 

Programme Streams

To complete the EDM or DBFS you are able to study online or face-to-face for a period not exceeding four (4) years. During that time you will complete courses as outlined in your concentration or stream. The available streams are listed below and are run based on enrollment: 

  • EDM General Management (GM)
  • EDM Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • EDM Public Sector Management (PSM)
  • EDM Project Management (PM)
  • EDM Social Security Management (SSM)
  • EDM Information Technology Management (IT)
  • EDM Credit Union Management (CU)
  • EDM Insurance Management (IM)
  • Diploma in Banking and Financial Services (DBFS) 

Entry Requirements

Admission to the Executive Diploma in Management programme is normally open to candidates who:

  1. Have the UWI Certificate in Business Administration, Certificate in Public Administration or two-year diploma from a recognised institution in a related field, five O’Level and approximately two years middle/senior level management experience. 


  1. An Associate Degree from a recognised institution and approximately two years middle/senior level management experience. 


  1. At least five O’Level and approximately four years middle/senior level management experience.


Programme Resources


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