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Executive Diploma in Real Estate Finance and Investment (EDMREFI)


This Executive Diploma in Real Estate Finance and Investment leads you through the process of  selecting and analyzing an investment opportunity, critically evaluating the returns, deciding on the  most appropriate way to finance the investment, and critically,understanding the interplay between  risk and return. It is specifically designed to combine an understanding of the special features of  commercial real estate in the Caribbean and Central American region within the context of globalizing finance and investment. 


The Executive Diploma in Real Estate Finance and Investment consisits of seven courses:

  • The Commercial Real Estate Appraisal Process 
  • Creating Reliable Valuations 
  • Real Estate Finance 
  • Real Estate and The Capital Markets 
  • Global Real Estate Investment 
  • Real Estate Investment Analysis Case Study and Final Paper 


After completion of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of real estate investment analysis and be able to apply them  to different income-producing properties, including multi-family residential, commercial, and retail real estate. 
  • Understand how to recognize an investment opportunity by using the main techniques of  real estate appraisal and valuation. 
  • Understand the different sources of finance, and financial products in debt, equity finance, and the capital markets. 
  • Be able to analyze a real estate investment opportunity, understanding the interplay between risk and the capitalization rates and the internal rates of return of income-producing properties. 
  • Determine the optimal capital structure for the investment, taking account of the risk and return. 
  • Apply investment analysis to specific hands-on case studies on real estate  in the Caribbean and Central American region.


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