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Executive Diploma in Real Estate Development, and Project and Construction Management (EDREDPCM)


This new Executive Diploma in Real Estate Development, and Project and Construction Management will prepare you for an exciting career in real estate development, or enhance your existing career with state-of-the art skills. You will gain a thorough understanding of the real estate development process, and real estate development finance. You will learn how to formulate real estate development plans, and apply best practices in project management to small and large-scale development projects.

This programme is specifically designed to combine an understanding of the special features of commercial real estate development in the Caribbean and Central American region and includes hands-on case study projects for a truly unique learning experience.


The Executive Diploma in Real Estate Development, and Project and Construction Management comprises of seven (7) modular courses:

  • Introduction to Real Estate Deveolpment and Sustainability
  • Real Estate Development Finance
  • Project Management Framework
  • Project Finance and Risk Management
  • Construction Management
  • Strategic Negotiation
  • Real Estate Development Case Study and Final Paper


Upon completion of the programme, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the real estate development process and be able to understand its application to different income-producing properties, including multi-family residential, commercial,and retail real estate. 
  • Establish resource requirements,set up project teams delegate tasks, and determine optimal project work flows. 
  • Understand the specific features of real estate development finance within a project management model. 
  • Be able to reconcile the points of intersection between the best practice principles in project management and the special features of construction management. 
  • Establish schedules ,priorities and deadlines for small and large-scale real estate projects. 
  • Use leadership skills and negotiation strategies in real estate development projects. 
  • Create and work with multidisciplinary real estate development and risk management teams. 
  • Understand the different sources of finance for development projects, and the use of financial models to finance projects. 
  • Use internationally-recognized techniques for real estate development and apply them to specific case studies in the Caribbean and Central American region


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