Strategic Business Services

Working with people and organizations throughout the region in broadening their knowledge & skill.

The Strategic Business Services (SBS) Department oversees the thorough delivery of consultancy and executive development initiatives at The Cave Hill School of Business Inc.-The Univesity of the West Indies (CHSB).
Its primary responsibility is the retooling, training and development of the business community throughout Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean. A major part of its mission is to identify and equip the people of the region with the skills and knowledge necessary to compete and win internationally.  Strategic Business Services therefore has a deep commitment to working with people and organizations throughout the region in broadening their knowledge and skill base to create high quality products and services that provide the impetus for the region’s economic growth and development. 

Through the multitude of SBS initiatiaves, hundreds of managers from both private sector and public sector organizations have benefited from the access to advanced development initiatives, seminars and conferences which resulted in their rapid ascension of the profesional ladder. Their knowledge and skills have been instrumental in improving their contribution to their organizations as well as help their organizations improve and streamline the operations. Our reputable brand is recognized widely throughout the region, reinforcing our commitment to developing the competitive capacity of the region which is unrivalled and  unparalled.

SBS offers:

  • Over 10 years of experience working with private and public sector organizations, across a variety of industries in key business and management areas
  • Customized programmes to meet the individual needs of our clients
  • A cadre of qualified and dynamic international & regional facilitators and specialists
  • Programmes and training initiatives based on the latest in business research
  • Practical applicability
  • Sound knowledge of Caribbean culture and issues facing Caribbean businesses

Upcoming Programmes

21 Oct
This two day programme is designed to offer participants the opportunity to network, interact, build skills and improve their effectiveness in plan...
23 Oct
At this level of responsibility one must be able to communicate, delegate, lead, and adapt to constant changes with a high level of efficiency to e...
24 Oct
This programme is designed to provide participants with tools to analyse and interpret financial statements so that ultimately they can make better...
06 Nov
This two day programme is therefore designed to help new managers build their capacity in functioning successfully in their new role.
09 Nov
This workshop is intended for individuals who have a responsibility for the work of others, whether in the private or public sector. It is suitable...