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June 2019

Mon 03
The contemporary business environment can be described as disruptive and uncertain. Executives and senior managers of both private and public sector organizations must be able to successfully navigate through this complex climate by constantly developing and harnessing new skills and competencies. Being able to make quality strategic decisions to cope with and be resilient in the face of disruptive forces and changes in the environment will undoubtedly contribute towards organizational success. For the best outcome, these strategic decisions should be made based on data-driven models and information that utilizes data science to capture extremely valuable insights. This can dramatically change the way businesses operate in most domains including marketing, logistics, transportation, service operations, hospitality and finance among others.
Wed 05
This programme was developed based on these expressed needs and offers C-Suite executives and senior managers an intensive short term opportunity to challenge themselves to grow as individuals and leaders to meet the rising expectations of their various stakeholders.
Mon 17
Designed to help middle managers and senior supervisors who are committed to enhancing their value as a leader and refine their effectiveness in their role by deepening their understanding of themselves, their peers, and the positive impact that strategic thinking and management can have on an organization’s success.
Tue 18
Part of a series. Not presented separately. Participants will learn how to gather information, evaluate it and use it to make the best decisions possible. This module will teach participants how to read the environment, respond to developments and establish performance targets for their organization’s goals.

July 2019

Mon 08
Part of a series. Not presented separately. With this module, participants will grasp the fundamentals of Accounting and Finance and learn how to use the information on the decision-making process. They will be provided with the tools needed to analyze and interpret financial statements, evaluate options and plan for various financial scenarios.
Mon 08
Part of a series. Not presented separately. In today’s dynamic and fast-paced environment, it is important to have the skills to evaluate the situations you encounter and make the right decision given what is known. This is why this module will help participants assess problems, analyze alternatives and choose critical paths of action.
Tue 09
This initiative is a practical programme designed to help young and budding entrepreneurs to make progress in the expansion of their business ideas. The programme uses the Lean Launchpad Methodology for approaching entrepreneurship which was developed by Steve Blank, an entrepreneurship faculty member at U.C. Berkeley, Stanford University and Columbia University.

September 2019

Mon 16
Part of a series. Not presented separately. This module will help participants better understand themselves, identify their strengths and areas for improvement. Through targeted sessions and feedback from facilitators, participants will be able to outline a clear path to personal growth and development.

October 2019

Tue 15
Part of a series. Not presented separately. During this module, participants will examine the innovative processes and business models needed to build a competitive advantage. It addresses the challenge of motivating an increasingly diverse workforce, managing demanding stakeholders and planning ahead in a dynamic environment.

November 2019

Mon 11
Part of a series. Not presented separately. Effective managers lead, motivate and inspire the organization’s greatest assets- its employees. That is why this module examines the role that People Management plays within a successful organization and equips you with the skills needed to get the job done.

December 2019

Mon 09
Part of a series. Not presented separately. With this module, participants will learn how to gain maximum results from their marketing process. It focuses on practical organizational issues and ensures that participants understand the fundamentals of consumer behavior.

January 2020

Tue 14
Part of a series. Not presented separately. This penultimate module focuses on participants’ ability to think strategically, analyze information and make decisions. They will work in groups to analyze case study scenarios, identify options, evaluate them, present findings and justify their decisions.

February 2020

Wed 19
Part of a series. Not presented separately. This final module is a critical component of the programme that will require participants to prepare a comprehensive project for a brand, product or service. It will challenge participants to practice sound decision making by employing the analytical and business tools that would have been learnt in the programme, and to make effective presentations to colleagues and decision makers.