Executive Leadership Programme



By the end of this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Understand individual preferences in themselves and others and apply this understanding to the establishment of teams and departments for more effective talent management.
  • Evaluate today’s dynamic environment and make strategic decisions that would contribute to the development of a resilient workforce and organisation.
  • Utilize tried and tested tools and techniques to measure and improve employee engagement.
  • Evaluate critical situations and utilize the most appropriate method of introducing, engaging in and concluding crucial conversations.
  • Design and implement a personal and professional development plan created through discussions with a development coach.




This is an interactive programme which uses the principles of experiential and adult learning to engage participants and facilitate knowledge transfer regardless of their learning styles. The programme is designed to ensure that senior managers and c-suite leaders achieve the level of growth they desire for themselves and their organisations. Great emphasis is placed on the use of discussions, individual and group practice exercises and critiques as learning methods throughout the duration of the programme. Programme pre-assessments used to establish a baseline for participants along with one-on-one coaching sessions contribute to participants’ understanding of their potential as a leader and secures the new knowledge learned.

 ELP 2019