CHSB news releases for 2006 and older

CHSB’s Charmaine Gardner - A First at 1st National Bank St. Lucia
Published on April 17, 2006
The CaveHill School of Business (CHSB) is pleased to announce the election of its Chairperson, Mrs. Charmaine Gardner, to the position of President of 1st National Bank St. Lucia Limited, effective February 1st, 2006. Mrs. Gardner, who is the first woman in the bank’s 67 year history to hold such an esteemed post, has also assumed the role of Chairperson of the Bank’s Board of Directors.

Leadership Development – A Journey
Published on March 8, 2006
The CMD’s Leadership Development Programme is designed to help Executives, Senior Mangers, Middle Managers and Senior Supervisors refine and upgrade their leadership skills. We understand the challenges leaders face in today’s diverse work environment. As a result we have engineered a programme specially tailored to provide you with the skills necessary to become effective leaders.